Complex cleansing and laundry service

Complex cleaning service
Technical cleansing and special works

We provide complete cleansing services for medical sector, industry, automotive sector including paint shops, administration etc.

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Complex laundry service
Washing and lease of work clothes

We provide laundry washing and laundry lease for medical sector and industry including maintenance, repairs, chemical cleaning, logistics and records.

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Custom-made cleaning service
Provider of facultative compensation

We provide the facultative compensation pursuant to the law. We deal with orders of smaller scope, cleansing of office areas, dwelling houses etc..

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Průmyslové čištění

Jsme firma úzce specializovaná na průmyslové čištění - lakovny, galvanovny, slévárny, průmyslové celky, výrobní technologie apod . Kvalitu považujeme za samozřejmost.

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We provide professional services in cleaning and laundry sector. We still monitor development trends in provided activities, we invest in modern technological equipment and professional development of employees of our concern companies. Within the concern affiliation we try to offer the complete solution for cleaning and laundry in medical sector and industry.

...solution for cleaning and purification

...our services don´t end with washing

MWD GROUPConcern association of companies MW-DIAS, RENATEX CZ and IVACOM.

SERVICESWe provide complex cleaning and laundry service within the Czech Republic.

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QUALITYWe possess certificates of quality for services that we provide.


CONTACTDo not hesitate to contact us. We work all over the whole Czech Republic.

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Complex cleansing and laundry service

Other activities

  • Provision of facultative compensation
  • Special cleaning services pursuant to client´s request
  • Special laundry washing services pursuant to client´s request
  • Sale of hygienic and disinfectant products
  • Sale of personal protective equipment
  • Security guard of buildings and property

Over the years we have become the leader in the cleaning sector of medical institutions and hospitals in the Czech Republic.

  • regular cleaning of hospitals and institutions providing social care
  • provision of permanent services in surgery and emergency rooms
  • regular cleaning of specialised hospital departments (surgery rooms, sterilisation, intensive care unit, children department etc.)
  • cleaning of extreme clean and sterile premises
  • cooperation and consultancy in preparation and setting of hygienic plans
  • successful cooperation in many accreditations of medical institutions
  • supplies and filing of disinfectant and sanitary products
  • special cleaning operations pursuant to client´s requirements
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Thanks to our long-term experience we have become specialists in cleaning services performance under severe conditions of industrial plants.

  • regular cleaning of production halls, logistic and storage premises
  • regular cleaning of common areas, cloak rooms, lavatories etc.
  • machine cleaning of production halls and premises, cleaning and degreasing of industrial floors
  • cleaning of production lines, conveyor and hall structures
  • technical cleaning of paint shops and painting lines
  • supplies and filling of sanitary and hygienic products
  • special cleaning services pursuant to client´s requests (outside areas, snow removal, etc.)
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RENATEX CZ a.s. belongs to the biggest laundry companies in the Czech Republic.

The complex laundry service is provided in 16 hospitals and 7 food industry plants.

  • Provision of sufficient volume of laundry of required quality within the laundry lease.
  • Provision of distribution system and logistics
  • Use of RFID technology to monitor laundry circulation
  • Checks of laundry quality (repairs, renewal).
  • Strict observing of high hygienic standards.
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RENATEX CZ a.s. provides washing and chemical cleaning of laundry to key industrial clients of the North Moravian region and Poland, where it is active within metallurgical, mine and automotive industry.

  • We perform washing and chemical cleaning of laundry.
  • We provide identification and automatic renewal of laundry.
  • Provision of distribution system and logistics
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